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Jordan McPhee, Seattle Pacific University

Published on December 29, 2016

by Sarah Rennicke

This story appears in FCA Magazine’s January/February 2017 issue. Subscribe today!

mcphee jordan mug for fca
Hometown: Normandy Park, Washington
Class: Junior
• All-GNAC Honorable Mention (2016)
• All-GNAC All-Academic (2016)
• SPU Hustle Award (2015, ‘16)

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

With her parents and four siblings all playing basketball (including twin sister Brittany at Stanford), it was easy for Jordan McPhee to find herself on the hardwood in college. However, it wasn’t until she got involved in FCA at Seattle Pacific University that she started truly believing in Jesus and growing in her relationship with Him. As a junior, McPhee continues to grow in faith, emboldened to spread God’s message beyond basketball.

FCA: What has it meant for you to be part of FCA?

JM: It’s meant a lot. Since I was new in my faith, I’d go to the first few FCA meetings and sit there and not say anything, just listen to people talk about God and discuss the Bible. Not really having a faith background, it’s amazing how encouraging the FCA community has been. We hold each other accountable. There are such good role models; being able to hang out with [FCA staff] Shanna Zolman and Arden Matro and see the joy they have for life is really inspiring. You can feel the Holy Spirit when we get together at our FCA meetings, how happy everybody is and how easy it is to talk to people. It’s about the joy that He loves us and spreading that love.

FCA: How have you gotten to know Jesus better?

JM: I’ve started using my Bible every day, getting to know Him more, praying, and having Him be a part of my life. Because I’m so new in my faith, a lot of times it feels overwhelming with this huge Bible. It can be scary. But I started reading Genesis and Mark, which is really cool because it’s the beginning but then you have the story of Jesus too. It’s always just a process. I’m learning to keep making those choices every day to follow Him. Every day waking up and saying, “I surrender this day to You.” 

FCA: How has your faith shifted your athletic mentality?

JM: Before, how I would feel was based upon how I did in basketball. But after I went to Ultimate Training Camp in Southern California, it helped me see Him in every aspect of life. In basketball, who am I playing for? Is it for my selfish desires or for God? He’s given me all these gifts, and I should live it out and do my best for Him.

I realized my purpose isn’t how well I play; I already know my purpose in Jesus Christ is the fact that He loves me, and that will never change. I’m significant no matter what and loved no matter what, and that gives me freedom to go play my hardest for Him.

2017-1112-subscribenow (2)FCA: What do you want to pursue further with God?

JM: I want to start expressing my faith so others can see it. In the past, when I would make eye contact with others, I would instinctively want to look away. But shouldn’t I smile and spread God’s love? I also want it to be natural to bring God into conversations. I think that is big for me in my faith—spreading His message into Seattle. I know we can get caught up in the small bubbles of our lives, so I’m looking into volunteer opportunities.

FCA: How can you keep growing in your faith?

JM: I wander, but I try to come back to overcoming fear in accepting God’s love. I’m naturally a perfectionist, and if something’s not right I get nervous and judge myself, but I must keep accepting His love and letting it cast away the fear of what other people think.

It’s been a time of learning and growing with God. But getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there gives many chances to put in time with Him and fall on the choices I’ve made for Him every day. 

FCA Staff Quote:

“Jordan is a leader on her team and campus, and is also on our Student Athlete Leadership Team for our Dawgs United Huddle in Seattle (with leaders from both the University of Washington and Seattle Pacific University). She’s always hungry for more, with passion, fire and drive in her faith as she lives it out daily.”

-Shanna Zolman
FCA Director of College/Women’s Ministry
Greater Seattle


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Photos courtesy of Andrew Towell/Seattle Pacific/www.troutstreaming.com