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Called To Serve

Published on March 01, 2018

by Clay Meyer
Magazine Editor

This story appears in FCA Magazine’s March/April 2018 issue.

When my career at FCA began in 2008 as the assistant editor of Sharing the Victory magazine, I was just a 23-year-old fresh-faced kid excited for the adventure ahead. I felt God calling me to that position, and over the years I have grown and matured in my walk with Him as He continued to reveal Himself to me in every new season of my life. 

In 2012, I was promoted to editor, and I enthusiastically ushered in a new era for our publication under the name FCA Magazine. The new role gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the biggest names in sports, creating memories I won't forget

While those experiences were great, the most fulfilling part of this position has always been the actual task of completing each issue, seeing it through from just ideas to printed copies landing in staff offices, homes and business around the globe. Serving all of you, our readers, has meant so much to my family and me.

On that note, it's bittersweet for me to share that this will be my final editor's letter for FCA Magazine. Just as I heard God calling me to the magazine, now I hear Him calling me away (to a new position within the ministry of FCA). I'll still be serving our staff around the world, just in a different capacity.

God has called all of us to serve one another in whatever role He's given us, and it's been my pleasure to serve you all — the staff, donors, volunteers and anyone else who's read this magazine over the past decade. As I've done with every issue during that time, I pray that our work has been an inspiration and encouragement to you to listen for God's calling in your life and to follow it, wherever it may lead


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