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  • The Larry Principle

    I’ll never forget the FCA Leadership Camp I was directing when Larry got up to share at open mic night.

  • Renewing Coaches’ Souls in Korea

    FCA Korea arranged a retreat as a time of renewal. It was a strategic step designed to unite spouses’ hearts and minds around the same vision and mission.

  • 2 Ounces of Power

    In times of crisis, the issues of the heart are magnified. If there is hatred in a person’s heart, the tongue will spew criticism.

  • Heartbeat for God

    Moses Muge, international leader for FCA in Kenya, has dedicated his life to changing the landscape of coaching by leading transformationally.

  • Sharing the Vision

    Davie and Charlene Waggett recount numerous FCA impact moments they've experienced.

  • The Enemy of Today

    Today we are facing an enemy that will destroy mankind. Throughout history, we have encountered disease and sickness that ravages families, friends and community; however, there is a greater danger that threatens to kill us from the inside out.

  • FCA Colombia: A Sixteen-Year Overnight Success

    The fruits of his labor have since spread across every major Colombian city as well as several other countries in South America. Planting those seeds, however, was anything but easy.

  • It's All About Heart

    It takes heart to do anything in life. Coaches motivate their teams by saying, "Go out there and play with all your heart. Leave it all on the field!" Skills and talents are important but leading with heart separates the good from the great.

  • The Best Is Yet To Come

    When we count our days, we make our days count. No more wasted days or even good days. Just God-days ahead for all of us.

  • One Prayer That Will Change Your Life

    Prayer is hard! It takes work. I often feel guilty that I don’t pray enough. Even when I do, I wish I prayed longer.

  • Thanksgenerous

    A few weeks ago as I prepared myself for Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, I started to wonder how to see it through a generous lens. Then it hit me. I don’t want to be someone who is just giving thanks. I want to be someone who is generous in thanks.

  • Making History: FCA Hosts Historic All Ability Sports Forum

    In mid-November, FCA hosted its first All Ability Sports Forum at the Support Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The event was organized to discuss the growing need for ministry to All Ability coaches and athletes.

  • You First!

    I fight this daily, and I desire to switch my battle cry from “Me First!” to “You First!” When we make this switch, we become others focused. General William Booth, founder of Salvation Army, understood the importance of “You First.”


    Such was evident at a groundbreaking Tom Landry Associates (TLA) event held in Seoul, Korea, this September. It was the first-ever event of its kind held outside of the United States.

  • Never Say No!

    There is an incredible blessing when we simply ask, because we believe the best is yet to come on a daily basis. We become bolder, and we are willing to take risks. We see doors open and possibilities become reality.

  • 3D Coaching Impacting Latin America

    “I fell in love with 3D Coaching immediately,” Roberto says. “I knew it was going to be the key to engaging the coaches. We were going to offer them something they would be interested in.”

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    In 2007, I took my first mission trip, and my eyes were opened as I saw first-hand how God was reaching coaches and athletes in Ukraine. The trip was a game-changer as God captured my heart for the nations, but I had no idea what He would do with it.

  • The Traveling Manager: Trey Hillman Journey Around The World

    “I've failed many times, but I just try to love people where God has them right now, not where I think they should be,” Hillman says. “That's not my job. That's God's job to be their judge. My job is to just figure out a way to build relationships and figure out a way to love people wherever they are.”

  • Don't Miss It!

    News Flash! You’re never going to get it all done! Life is bottomless and relentless! Every day, it will get harder. The ultimate destination is not completing all your tasks. It is not wrapping up life in a nice little package and putting a ribbon on it. Life is messy. It is hard. You will never control it, and you have to watch out or else it will quickly control you. Don’t miss it! In all you do, make sure you never miss what it is all about.

  • The Power of Partnership: New Sports Bible Launches in Southeast Asia

    “The Sports Bible will provide a tool for the Huddle groups,” John said. “We have a lot of teams and clubs but not many of them have Huddles. With the Bible, we’ll be able to start Huddles for all of the teams. It’s an important resource for the coaches and the team captains. It’s the best way for us to train them to use the materials and help them make disciples.”

  • The Leader's Journey Impacting Africa

    Last week from June 17-21, 2019 in Accra, Ghana, 31 Leaders from fifteen African nations attended the 2nd Annual Africa Capacity Conference (ACC).

  • The 4 O's

    In life, all of us experience four things: Opportunity, Opposition, Obedience and Outcome. We all have opportunities to love, serve and reach others in our community and on the mission field.

  • Praying for Camps Around the World

    Join together in prayer with tens of thousands of Campers, coaches, volunteers and staff as we engage, equip and empower each person to become disciple-makers in their sport and community.

  • PRAY/9:38

    PRAY/9:38 is a prayer initiative to mobilize staff and volunteers throughout FCA to pray for God to send more workers into the world of sport to make disciples.

  • A Divine Encounter Impacts Philippines

    The best way to tackle the enormous challenge was build a core team around him and then begin establishing ministry across the nation’s 146 cities, one at a time.

  • All Nations

    God has breathed onto the international movement over the last 12 years and is expanding his ministry through sports across the world.

  • Shout Out Drill

    The Shout Out Drill is a powerful way to bless and inspire teammates to give their best and to recognize others efforts. It will create a culture of encouragement and blessing.

  • Zorilla Cup Connecting Baseball with Faith

    Ben Zobrist’s 6th Annual ‘Zorilla Cup’ Tournament creates excitement for baseball—and for Jesus—among Ukrainian coaches and athletes.

  • Multiplication In The Dominican Republic

    The first step is to help the coach, and they watch us do the ministry. The second step is the coach helps us while we do the ministry. The third step is they do the ministry, and we help them. It’s that concept of multiplication.”

  • No Limits: Bibles For All

    FCA now has 49 reading plans to which users have subscribed over 1.4 million times in just over five years including numerous languages such as Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian and Mandarin.

  • Sit, Soak and Soar

    Maybe the benches are there to sit, soak and soar! Stopping the chaos and stepping away from all the stuff that clutters my life and reflect on God’s goodness, greatness and graciousness produces a heart of gratitude.

  • To See the World...

    110 leaders gathered for the 2019 International Capacity Conference in Antigua, Guatemala.

  • Dream Team

    If you could assemble your own Dream Team (personally or professionally), who would be on it? Who are the right teammates who will bring out the best in you, and you will bring the best out in them too?

  • Multi-Language Resources near 250,000

    Bibles in Thai, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Portuguese and More Help Bring Coaches and Athletes Closer to God’s Word

  • Go Generous

    Generosity means irrational giving. It is allowing God to take us to the next level of blessing those around us.

  • Stop, Drop and Remember

    Since it is so hard for me to remember, I have implemented three exercises I do at the end of each year that forces me to Stop, Drop and Remember...

  • Breakthrough in the Caribbean

    If Mark Hull has learned one thing from his global travels, it’s the simple fact that, while cultures can be vastly different, there are two common threads between them all.

  • International Impact Video Report

    FCA has expanded from 62 countries into 84 this past year through the faithfulness of 242 international leaders.

  • Thanksgiving Power

    Thanksgiving should be the theme song for followers of Christ. We should have thanksgiving flowing from our lips daily.

  • Unbroken Prayer

    Unbroken prayer. That’s what we need for our ministry here in the Mid-Atlantic, and as we reach out to our global partners in East Asia.

  • The Go Principle

    When we step out of our comfort zone, God shows up.

  • Reaching The 80,000

    “80,000 coaches deserve to hear the gospel, have a Bible in their hand, and get plugged into a Huddle.”

  • There's No Other Way

    A biblical definition of obedience is simply to hear God's Word and act accordingly. The problem isn’t hearing, but rather acting.

  • Saved for a Purpose

    In 1996, Linje Nankhuni came to the United States to participate in the Olympic dream.

  • Vision Casting in Africa

    Leaders from eleven African nations, who have a passion to see their sports community transformed, gathered this past June in Accra, Ghana, for FCA International’s inaugural Africa Capacity Conference.

  • A 28-Year Miracle

    So often we want instant miracles, not a 28-year miracle. Spiritual seeds planted with obedience and faith will always produce fruit, just not when and how we want.

  • Break the Huddle

    Even though there is power, value and purpose in the huddle, there has to come a time to break the huddle.

  • Africa Strong

    The origin and growth of FCA Camps in Africa.

  • Coaches Legacy Breakfast in Korea

    “What kind of legacy do you want to leave as a coach?” Coach Hillman challenges 50 Korean coaches.

  • Open Kitchen

    Open Kitchen is a radical concept that Paul modeled in his life. He knew that it is easy to impress at a distance, but hard to impact up close.

  • Fully Funded in East Asia: Training Event

    “Our leaders are now more equipped to minister to and through the coach. They are also ready to enjoy the freedom of being fully funded,” Mark Stephens.

  • Bags of Bibles

    FCA distributed 169,815 Bibles last year and 2.5 million in the last 15 years! We have a strong passion to print and distribute God’s Word, and more importantly, see coaches and athletes transformed in God’s Word.

  • Committed to Christ

    Vova Demediuk has used lacrosse to share Christ through FCA in Ukraine, even while enduring immense personal pain.

  • One Word...Beloved

    This year, God impressed upon me how I need to experience and express His love. So, my One Word for 2018 is Beloved—be His beloved and become His beloved.

  • My Top 10

    It’s time to aim for being a Top 10 in someone’s life.

  • FCA International 2018

    Watch 2018 International Impact Video. FCA International celebrates a tremendous year of ministry, serving in 62 countries through 164 FCA International leaders and faithful volunteers serving communities around the world.

  • Team Works!

    I have learned God’s heart explodes when His children work, play and serve together…because Team Works!

  • Strength and Wisdom

    FCA builds authentic relationships in South Asia.

  • Because of FCA

    How FCA Philippines Area Director Nestor Duque found freedom in both God and coaching.

  • The Word Will Go Forth

    Examining the growth and development of FCA International Bibles and resources.

  • One By One

    "They truly believed that God would use camps as a catalyst to launch their ministry."

  • Different And Designed

    Relationship fuels Lindsay Kravtsova’s work with women in Ukraine.

  • Growing The Vision

    Ministry impact in the Latin America Global Region.

  • No Easy Way

    FCA Nicaragua’s Jeff Izzo and his family lean on God every step into the unknown.

  • One Great Calling

    FCA Philippines Director Pastor Gary Visitacion’s joy in raising leaders.

  • It's All About Heart!

    My heart for the Lord has grown because of leaders from around the world showing me what it means to love God with all your heart.

  • Only The Beginning

    East Asia’s first ever Coaches’ Ministry Academy equipped and encouraged coaches to be transformed from the inside out.

  • Bearing Fruit

    "God is growing hearts for the nations."

  • To Make Him Known

    By Nikita Payne, Barbados National Netball

  • FCA Haiti: No Limits

    Launch of FCA Haiti in the midst of devastation.

  • Fearless

    The once-captive Heather Mercer lives boldly for the gospel, with FCA giving her faith beginning roots.

  • 21K

    FCA Philippines uses sports to spur their audacious vision to establish 21,000 churches by 2020.

  • To Make Him Known

    By Nikita Payne, Barbados National Netball

  • Purposeful Obedience

    Liosha merges his passion for relationship with God's vision to impact the hearts of coaches in Ukraine.

  • Learning to Lead and Serve in Canada

    Three interns growing in Christ while impacting athletes served with Phil Tuttle in sports camps both in the US Northeast Region and in the Canada Global Region.

  • To Depend on God

    Sports ministry in South Asia calls for complete trust and heart.

  • Gold Standard

    South Korea’s Chang Hey-jin wins gold in more than archery.

  • Growth In FCA MENA

    FCA International has now expanded to include other parts of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

  • Pierced With Love

    An inside look at FCA International Ministry in Guatemala.

  • Pierced With Love

    An inside look at FCA International Ministry in Guatemala.

  • Meeting on the Mat

    Wrestlers at Messiah College (Pa.) learned the craft of cultivating relationships through sport in Korea.

  • Capturing the Heart

    FCA Malaysia brings wholeness through 3D Coaching.

  • For Glory and Enjoyment

    FCA Ghana’s Vincent Asamoah brings light to the basketball court.

  • Ready for Impact

    Impact South Africa 2016 Q&A with the Impact Coordinator.

  • No Turning Back

    Leveraging leadership at the 2016 Capacity Conference.

  • For Glory and Enjoyment

    FCA Ghana’s Vincent Asamoah brings light to the basketball court.

  • Back to the Rock

    FCA affiliate Dean Squires is committed to bringing the word of God to Barbados through the sport of basketball.

  • Global Grit: Game Changer

    The ultimate game-changer for anyone is the moment we place our faith and trust in our living Savior.

  • Year of Global Impact

    God is reaching coaches and athletes around the world through FCA.

  • Ukraine Power Camps 2015

    The Lord is continuing to do great things in the hearts of coaches and athletes in Ukraine.

  • No Limits

    FCA Guatemala affiliate Veronica Ochoa knows there's no limit to what God is doing through athletics in her country.

  • Some Things Never Change

    One constant has kept U.S. Soccer veteran Lauren Holiday anchored through all of life's changes: the unchanging love of Jesus Christ.

  • Skating On

    Now in its seventh year, FCA Hockey is impacting adults in communities throughout the country and carrying Christ to the ice around the world.

  • Just the Beginning

    FCA Guatemala embraces Olympic and national connections to further educate sports leaders in performing for Christ.

  • 2015 Impact Internship Q&A

    Impact 2015 Internship Q&A with FCA Impact South Africa Coordinator Quinn Evans.

  • God's Purpose for FCA Mexico

    FCA Mexico embraces baseball and football as avenues to minister to coaches and athletes and grow sports ministry in the country.

  • To All The Nations

    FCA International breaks through spiritual darkness in partnership with sports ministry leaders around the world.

  • Now is the Time: FCA Japan

    The time is right for FCA Japan to make an impact through the sport of baseball.

  • Hoops Hospitality

    Four Philippines coaches attended FCA Camps in the United States to reach out to Filipino Americans and spread the Good News.

  • FCA Uganda- Sarah's Story

    “I want to encourage them that if they trust and believe in God, there is always hope."

  • Higher Calling

    Team Canada's Brooke Pighin uses her athletic platform to inspire others to believe in miracles.

  • Miracles in India

    God is using FCA India to make an impact on the world's second-most populated nation.

  • 2014 IMPACT Internships

    IMPACT Internships in Europe and South Africa allow students to get hands-on training in sports ministry, develop into spiritual leaders.

  • Living His Dream

    James Oilar's desires led him to South America, where he is leading FCA's ministry to coaches and athletes in Colombia and Venezuela.

  • FCA Philippines Needs Your Help

    FCA Philippines needs help as it ministers to and helps restore the livelihoods of those effected by Typhoon Haiyan.

  • No Ordinary Summer

    The next generation of sports ministry leaders gained hands-on experience and made an international impact for Christ.

  • Reaching Ukraine For Christ Through Sports

    God has raised up a leader in Andriy Kravtsov, who is investing in others as FCA Ukraine makes an eternal impact through the platform of sports.

  • FCA Korea Sprouts From 2007 Camp

    Six years ago, a sports camp in Korea changed the way an FCA executive viewed worship. It also served as the seed to plant FCA Korea.

  • A Heart for the World

    FCA is answering a call to expand its international ministry and reach the 96 percent of the world's population outside the U.S.

  • Give One Glove

    After an FCA trip, 14-year-old Tristan Triplett is sharing God's love with his new friends in the Dominican Republic.

  • Faith in the Philippines

    As part of its focused international efforts, FCA is bringing the love of Christ to the islands of Southeast Asia.

  • On a Mission

    Last summer, three members of the Purdue University women’s basketball team are maximizing the spiritual momentum they gained overseas.